Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Have you ever felt before crying without  giving  yourself  a  damn good reason why you cry? and you can't help those tears  from  producing. Sometimes I feel that way, like now!  I am into that  feeling. I don't know what's my problem I just feel like crying. I can't stop my tears from falling down my face. But you know what I like the feeling. The stressed in me disappear,  weird as others may say but atleast I am more comfortable now and relax . Though I still can't explain it why?  somehow the benefits of these tears are good and healthy.

I love staying in my room alone. Silent with lights off and only the sound of my fan  is visible to my ear. Just laying on my bed with my eyes gazing on the ceiling. I don't know what do I get from doing those things, all I know is that I am enjoying that way. Just like crying alone with no reason at all. They are like my mind and body therapy. And I am starting to like these hobbies of mine so got to take advantage of those good benefits I am getting from these practice.


chibifest.com said...

hello yen..im reading diary..awsome..thanks for sharing..visit my new blog sometimes :)

MarlyMS said...

I sometimes get into this moments too...when I feel homesick.

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eden said...
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eden said...

I know a friend who does that too. She cries for no reason.

If I am stressed, I take a break and go walking or read a good book.

demonyitogwapito said...

crying is a good way on getting out of what you feel. sometimes there are things that we cannot say or share to other people, that is why we cried. the tears we poured are the words and feelings we cannot share.

keep crying! :)

magkaperaonline said...

Nangyayari din sa akin yan...Yung tila kahit wala kang problem e ang bigat-bigat ng pakiramdam mo. Pero before and after my monthly period...Pre and Post menstrual sysndrome