Thursday, October 22, 2009


Here I am again confessing my sin and my shortcomings with this blog of mine. I promised last month that I will try my best to give time updating my posting but I failed to do my promise again. Sorry  my blog.Looks like I fall under the category of the saying " Promises are meant to be broken" . Its so lame if I will justify again my  shortcomings here when I know the real story. It's not that I love more my  other blogs and I don't care at all with my postings here. There's a time for everything and it just happened that the other blogs got their time first. I am not going to make promises again. just  keeping my  fingers cross. hehe  and  try to get in touch once in a while. I just hope that my friends and visitors willl keep coming here to pay a visit. I'm sure I will return the favorrs for the loyalty you are showing me here. I'd get back to your site to show my deepest appreciation.

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