Saturday, September 19, 2009


I lost touch in this blog site of mine. I became busy the fast few days so I was not able to update my posting here. But I am trying to allot time for this site but it seems that it is very difficult for me to do this days. Compare with my two other blogs Crucial bliss and pieces of my emotions that I am maintaining, to maintain my page rating. But of course, I will also make it a point that I can update this site once in a while. I had few views in here and friends counts also, but I hope that I could also establish a rank for this site even just a pr 1 ( at least). Keep hoping Ayen. I need to budget my time accordingly and seriously put time in updating this site while enjoying surfing and staying in front of the computer the whole day.


Dennis said...

Hello Yen. I noticed lately that it is very hard to get even PR1. But we have to keep on trying, right? Me too is quite busy since a month or so. I try hard to keep my blogs updated although it is hard. Hope your doing okay friend. Keep in touch, ok? Take care

opung chikal said...

yeah I know that Yen.. you're too much blog :p but that's great right, keep us busy :)

Ipin said...

3 blog sites have the same 3 children. so each one must be in favoritism ...ha..ha..ha..