Saturday, August 29, 2009


I am dedicating this space to my super friend Zephora Failden. She is not a blogger but her living depends on the net. She is working as online English teacher and her student are Koreans. I admire her spirit for fighting her situation in life despite all the hardship she is having right now, she remained to be cool and still has a positive outlook in life. That's my friend! Fighting for survival as one of Bob Marley's song lyrics goes "Fighting on arrival Fighting for survival” on Buffalo Soldiers. Life is not always hard, but sometimes it is. The important thing is that we know how to face and stand out over the trials. And I'm glad my friend still aim for her goal and keep on standing amidst the storm in her life right now. Remember friend that you're not alone, you still have us as your friend and you still have your family and your baby to light up your day. And of course don't forget God you can live without friends and family but not without God in your life. He is our best shield and comforter in times of our darkest times in life. That's proven and testified.
By the way i attached our picture together way back home. Shes on the right side of the photo.The beautiful and gorgeous Zephora.


Madame K said...

hankyut ng name niya.. hehehe teka pano maging teacher online?

honga nman, dpat tayo maging matatag sa buhay natin kahit ano pang pagsubok ang dumating saten..

Goryo said...

Parang gusto ko rin maging teacher sa net.. Kaso Filipino language dapata para Purong Pinoy ang dating.. ahihi

MarlyMS said...

In your story, I can tell that she's a tough woman. I admire people with inner strength and determination.

Take care,

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Ircham Aly said...

is all right... for you

The Lioness said...

I really, really appreciate this blog and I've never seen myself as a strong person and what I had been through until I read this. Thank you so much for standing and staying behind my back through and through.