Sunday, August 30, 2009


My quizz result: Can you deal with rejection

You hate rejection.

You hate rejection because of what has happened to you everytime after you get rejected. You get embarassed and hate being alone. You want what you want and if you can't have it you get angry or frustrated so you try to avoid rejection as much as possible but if you want it you try to do whatever to avoid rejection but not to loss it.
Oouchh!! for me. (hahaha) yes, I admit .. fine .. fine ... fine. so what now? well, who likes to be rejected anyway? Do you know one? If you can avoid it, you'd probably stay away from it right?


Madame K said...

"i get wat i want" ika nga. hahaha nkakapraning kasi pag hindi mo nakukuha ang gusto mo., i admit rin spoiled din ako at ginagawa ko ang lahat para makuha gusto ko.. hahaha

Lata said...

yupp... i hate rejection.. so, i can't deal with it :(

opung chikal said...

i totally agree with dear Lata :(

Vie™ said...

I always hate rejection, who doesn't? :P