Thursday, July 16, 2009


Women have different approaches when it comes to critical matter like break ups! There are also reasons why the relationship has to end. But I would like to focus first on how women react on break up dilemma,
when the flame is no longer burning intensely and the attraction is fading. For instance the girl wants to end up the relationship,  but her partner refuse to accept the fact. What will you do when your boyfriend is obsessed in you and you totally want to end up the relationship because you find no joy anymore in staying in the relationship. It is not easy to have an obsessed boyfriend I guess.
But there are ways and approaches you can do to deal with this situation. I myself, still believe in communication. A right way to communicate with your partner. All things can be settled if you know how to deliver the words you want to tell. If you know that your man is not getting your point and is trying to hold back, dont be rude, take time and be patient to explain carefully. For sure he will get over it after you tell him your true feelings and your good intention.

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alfafriend001 said...

very good reflection, I agree that communication and sincere conversation can resolve any situation