Sunday, July 12, 2009


When we are caught in a situation were in our principles and dignity is at stake, How are we trying to solve it?
I signed up in one of the largest community network for women in the net, there are lots of issues and topics  being tackled and I can interact with. One of the issue that caught my attention is the topic about a girl who is  in love with a married man. The girl was asking for an advice and a feed back regarding her problem. Most of the members who give their insights about the issue were impressive,  they are like  best friends who are enlightening their friends. I appreciate those advice of the members, they  give  light to the questioned of a confused soul. It is good to know that women instinct are still best in times like this.
Life is what we make it. If you choose to be inlove it is because that is your choice. No one dictates you to feel that way.  If you choose to be bitter, no one is to blame but  yourself because that's what you wanted to feel.

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