Sunday, June 21, 2009


I have once a victim of this gossiping fever so I wonder why people loves to gossip. Until a three good friends of mine visits me here last night. While we were updating each other, suddenly the talks begun to shift into gossiping other peoples lives. I paused for a while and just listen with this 2 buddies of mine. They are both working in one company , only they are not in the same branch. But that does not stop this two ladies from commenting and talking their office mates lives. Well , I fell bad for those who are the topic of there stories.
So, I come up with my own opinion of conclusion on why other people loves to gossips:
  • The life of the person  they are gossiping is more interesting than their own lives
  • Gossipers think they are blameless than that of the people they are gossiping, some gossipers will likely to quote like this " At least were not like them " pathetic and self righteous!
  • They feel good when they put others down by merely gossiping.
  • They're insecure and losers.
  • Because they can't beat the person , at least in there way of gossiping they can make an advancement.
  • Because they watch too much showbiz gossips. and aspired to be the next kris aquino and boy abunda.
  • Their ticket  to connect in the society. ( to become a walking newspaper in town)
  • Their lifestyle.
  • They think their opinion regarding the issue will greatly concern. Feeling genius, smart, wise and righteous. damn
Before we clear the speckle on our brothers eye , Let us clear first the speckled in our own  eyes.Just a friendly reminder .

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