Sunday, June 14, 2009


Almost forgot this story of mine, I accidentally bump my former friend in college last Friday at the supermarket. She was hanging around with a common friend. I saw them approaching my way, so I pretended that I did not see them, but our common friend tap me at my back and started a conversation.  I dont know what to say when that former friend of mine (I  marked her as one of my  ignored person in college days and I think until now) told me I am now a big snob! My blood temperature really goes up. The guts! I wish she did not give any remarks like that when  we both know we were not in good terms. I just stare in blank emotion at her, and face our common friend with a smile and a little talk. She ruined my Independence day.


Imelda said...

wow i see the real taray here in this post. i hope u will make peace with anybody.

Carms said...

hi yen God bless keep your cool hope you'll patch up things na to both of you.