Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Love is not blind, I told my friend this word. She was telling me her sacrifices with her boyfriend. In her story , she told me that she still don't wanna give up her boyfriend despite  all the negative facts she know about this guy. She commented that " Love is blind". but I refuse to beleive and explain her my idea. For me, Love is not really blind because she is aware of all the flaws of her boyfriend, the attitude , and the rest of negative attributes of that man  but  still she wants to be with him. She knows it all but she does not mind at all. Loving his man on all angles.  Love conquers , Love mend , Love energize and gives life.Ouch love hurts, loving the person even if it means hurting you and shallowing your pride.



tama nga naman, prang love is like a rosary,full of mystery,lols

Imelda said...

its just that lovers can't see cause they are blinded with strong emotions. aptly, it shud be lovers are blind.

Carms said...

Don't know much about love but I guess it is accepting one's whole being. It is a decision that one has to decide. God bless you yen thanks for the comment. I appreciated that very much. Hirap talagang maging teacher.