Monday, June 8, 2009


My friend wrote this last letter last Saturday while she was here in my place. She keeps on asking me if I have already  read her love letter to her Caucasian boyfriend. Asking me about my  comment on this letter.  These letter made me sad knowing that my friend effort is just taken for granted.

Do you know the feeling of being lonely?
i feel awful coz i lost you. miserable coz of what happened to us.
its more than being sad. more than being desolate. more than being empty.
you are so near yet, i cant get close to you like i used to.
i cant even say hi or hello coz it feels so different, unfamiliar, unwanted.

I should be forgetting you and moving on with my life like what everybody's
 been telling me. but i cant. and don't want to.
i don't want to give up in hoping you'll be back and will love me again.
i don't want to move on coz i never got over you. You never, not even
once out of my mind and my life.
i don't want to leave you and those memories and the times we spent
day and night talking and laughing together and smiling at each other.

I feel hurt every time i see you talking comfortably with
the girls in the room. I feel insecure, unwanted and confused. You used
to talk to me the way you talk to them and every single word
you say meant so much to me. You used to tell how i mean so much to you
how special i am to you. but now, i feel you loathe me, even my name.
And i feel more than pain knowing how you hated me and still despise me till this very moment you are reading this.

There are just men  who does not know how to value their partners worth. Sad  because some men are still immature and irresponsible.  Why men pursue woman when the truth is, He is really not into it, and  he only  date to prove something. How bad it could be if you have broke someones heart because of being immature and irresponsible.

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