Sunday, June 28, 2009


Until , we are not willing to try , we will not learn anything unless we are willing to get the risk of trying.
This sounds like justifying my curiosity on my other post in the column of CRUCIAL BLISS were I almost lost all the saved links and images I've created, and almost destroyed the layout Pretty Mom has made for me for free. Goodness on Earth.
Yes, I dare to fail today. If I have not been curious to that layout set ups and creation I will not try other alternatives that could possibly add up knowledge on my part. Because of my curiosity I was able to know some rules of setting this kind of stuff in my blogs. Next time I will be very careful in following instructions so that I may not end up in so much trouble.
But , it is good to know that I have discover new today. Though it made me crazy a bit, (laughed)
at the end of the experimentation , I therefore conclude that you will not know what is inside the tunnel until you get yourself in.


Carms said...

I agree with that yen God bless

Carms said...

thanks for visiting yen

Prettymom said...

at least you know something