Saturday, June 13, 2009


After two long years of searching for her sister.  Ruby Rose Barrameda - Jimenez. Rochelle Barrameda, a former beauty queen bitterly cried out for her sisters injustice death. Rochelle is determined to seek for justice.
The remains of her sister was recovered inside the drum sealed inside the steel case at  Navotas Fish Port. Her sister's body was located with  the help of an informant who claims to have a participation on cementing the steel cabinet. Too bad, that some womens suffer this kind of unhuman act. When we least expect it and we never imagine that those people who will do such act are the ones you have trusted. I cant imagine some  people nowadays are becoming worsier than before. Committing murders becomes a hobby and is like killing a helpless animals they wish to. Justice has no rooms for the poor , The authorities that we believe in and we knows that will defend us in times are most likely the ones who betrayed us. So if things goes like this everytime, where are we going to?

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