Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Filipino's are  known for their talents and abilities to try things beyond risk. I am watching this t.v program about Dogs. The family was featured for there ability to eat dogs as there viand. They hunt dogs for their meal.  while others was featured because they are making  dogs as their business.  I'm referring to stray dogs,  these dogs can be seen anywhere outside our village and community,  which  in no time might just bite your legs while walking along the streets. These dogs are dangerous, they are known to have a deadly rabbies, so if  you got bite  and your not treated  immediately and properly by the doctors near you. Your totally in trouble men. Death or sanity will likely be your case which ever comes first.  They are not advisable to be eaten and prepared as  meal. Dogs are believed to have a bactria and that bacteria might be transferred to the person eating the dog.Oh no. Did you know that the bacteria residing dog body is known to have immortal life? Yes you heard it , so no matter how long you heat and cooked the dogs meat the bacteria is still alive. You don't want to risk your life because of your cravings on dogs meat right? careful love your life.

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Bill said...

I guess you will eat anything if you are hungry. See ya.