Friday, May 29, 2009


My partner and I , we' re discussing the other day about the disadvantage and advantages of today's computer age. He said progress has an  equivalent price, before in his parents and grandma's time things are not too complicated. If you want to cook a healthy fresh foods, name it and you can pick it backyard. If you need go to the market you can walk or ride a bicycle.Biking and walking maintains a healthy body because walking or biking is  one way of exercise, you get to save money  also for your transportation and  you did not cause  air pollution by doing those routines before.

Compare  our  way of living today. There is no more free! all moves needs equal price. Very costly yet of  less quality!  Houses are expensive, so most people don't own a house to live in, Things gets worst, more people become hungry, become sickly. Our air become polluted, not only air but also our water and even our minds too. Our children are exposed on things of the world. High tech games, that make our child become lazy and obese because their mothers  tolerate their child. Instead of  endorsing the traditional games that are being taught to by their forefathers , Mothers adopt  new age and give all the comfort to their child's  hand in a single click of the buttons of their remote control.  We put aside the  benefits of those traditional  games of our parents time.

Yet you  wonder why is your child becomes obese, autistic or sickly. We can  pause for a while and assess our way of molding our child , In this way theres a chances that we will realize that we are to blame with all these troubles. Progress is good but also dangerous . Remember it pays the price.

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