Sunday, May 31, 2009


This movie did not make me nap inside of the movie house. I wanted to be a part of every actions that Christian Bale and the cyborg would do the next scene. The plot of these movie was about The war against humanity and machine.  Starred by Christian Bale as John Connor leader of the human resistance against the genocide machines. And Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright a mysterious man on death row who decided to donate his body for cyberdine systems for experimentation. Set in a post judgement day 2018. The movie is fun packed with  action. Connor discovers skynet's latest creation , the T800 a version which Arnold Schwartzenneger played in first two films. This time the Terminator Salvation come in many forms ; huge hulking Transformer types, small submersible eel-types, there's even reference to a certain iconic looking skin-job in one of the final scenes, which moves and fights with uncanny CGI-powered grace. Surely fans of the original trilogy are well aware of what will happen in the future of humanity.So don't miss to see this one in your favorite movie house.

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