Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A woman of Passion

I am beginning to like this site.  Imagine, I can freely write my minutes of thoughts in no time.  The moment I  sit down in front of my personal computer, You can not talk to me anymore because I am so busy doing my rounds, without mending the tick tack of  my clock. So the following day  you can obviously see the result in me. I'm  a bit groggy the next day. Sometimes I can no longer fight my eyes from dropping, no matter how I tried when I'm in my  workplace. I am just lucky I think to sneak a nap for  a few minutes  without being caught, not a good idea of course. It will be surely as gloom for me if  I get fired because of my  napping moments and would be happy  if my work suffer because of my being complacent and  irresponsible sometimes. So I need to organize and scheduled things accordingly.

I, intend to post here the thing about my personal hobbies and interest and other things that I may find  interesting to discuss. Things that I can talk under the sun. Situation of my life, experiences, moments, rambling, feelings and opinions. I hope bloggers out there may welcome themselves to visit me here in this new journal of mine. It's always nice and good to meet new sets of people through this channel of blogging. Hope you'll try to bear with me as I explore and put my thoughts here in writings. Until next time. (smile) 

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