Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It is a rainy summer today, i should be thankful for that because of the sweat it gives me everytime summer approach. But today, even if it rains the vehicles along Edsa complains about the humidity of the road. Causing traffic that makes the commuters and drivers stranded on the road for more than an hour. And resulting to impatient and headaches to all the people stuck in the road. The floods also boast along the sidewalks and is very generous to give the people a free flavored water from the flowing canals and cistern. You will probably in hysteria of this common scenario when the rainy season comes.

Good thing tonight is not hot, i can still breath. I was also able  to go home early.  So i am lucky not to get stranded in the middle of  floods at the metro.  

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Imelda said...

it rained here, too. ingats!