Sunday, May 24, 2009


One of the important character in the Bible is Jacob. He was introduce in the book of Genesis. His father is Isaac and mother Rebekah, he also has a twin brother named Essau, who despise his birthright in exchange of a stew from Jacob. Essau is older than Jacob and their father Isaac favored Essau while Jacob was favored by his mother Rebekah. When Rebekah heard that his husband Isaac is going to bless Essau. She immediately made a plan and asked Jacob to disguise with the skin of goat covered in his hands. Isaac was old and blind , He then blessed Jacob 

When Essau found out that Jacob deceived their father to get the blessings that is supposedly be given to him. He swore to himself to kill Jacob, but her mother made her  flee and send him to his brother Laban who live in Haran. There he meet Rachel and Leah , daughters of Haran. Jacob fell in love with Rachel. So he asked for the hand of Rachel. Laban agreed to gave Rachel to Jacob as a wife after 7 years of working with him. And  7 years have passed but instead of giving Rachel, Laban gave his older daughter to Jacob as his wife. He then asked to work again for another 7 years for Rachel.

To summarize the events on Jacobs life, We saw that Jacob was also deceived by Laban, Giving him leah as a wife, when he worked hard in exchange of Rachels hand. God made him pay the price for what he did to his brother Essau. Whatever we do to our brothers and sisters in christ, It will come back to us.

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