Thursday, May 14, 2009


Many local bands right now are making their way to the entertainment world. Proving their talents, dedication and passion on singing.  They gave us good music and quality sounds as well. I, myself  love music too.  Variety of musics from foreign to local hits. Music fast evolve  to conform in the changing taste of the society. Music has proved its legacy in changing and influencing the lives of many.

According to our music instructor in my community , music enables us to express our thoughts and emotions. So what you played is what you are, unconsciously it manifest in our lifestyle with the kind of music we love to hear. Try to observe your friend, who have just broke up with his/her love, listen to what types of music they are listening and you will know they have a common denominator. Immuning theirselves to sentimental music. Especially your girl friend, they love to hear sad love songs  because they can easily relate their feelings through the music they listen to.

Women are very emotional when it comes to heart issue, so the best way to connect and to relate is through music. When you hear those lyrics, you begun to remisnice each details of the story according to your current condition. The music consoled our weary heart and make us strong. But sometimes to others, it made them more vulnerable. Still depends on the personality of the person listening.

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