Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Have you once experienced in your relationship were you and your partner argue a lot  to the extent that the fight gets worst. You  blaming each others fault and no one wants to take charge who cause the fight. I know some couple encounter this kind of confrontation.  But here's the funny thing about this kind of misunderstanding. When both of you are dominant type and no one would like to wave  hand for surrender, and no one would want to admit whose fault is it then the matter begun to explode and would more likely branch into many issues.
When times like this, Women as their nature of being understanding and submissive would likely admit the fault or blame just to cut the issue and stop the fight. But to some cases, womens argue when they are not satisfied with the answers of their partner and when they know that the  problem arise  because her partner do such dissapointing things that made the women upset. Then start covering your ears for the long lectures.

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