Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Last night, the very closest person to me  has betrayed me, I will not get into details of what he did to protect his credibility. I am in confusion, Because after the incident happened, The impact  has a big realization in my community life.
One of human  weaknesses we have is that the reality of life that we easily trust people around us. It is very common to hear that your friend has been fooled around, played around , used and abuse because she was not aware that the  person  whom she fully trusted will not  harm her. We easily believe in the  words, or gesture has also been question  because of the incident.We care a lot only to find out at the end of the scene, He  had a stinky motives over our innocence. So, next time I will keep a distant to avoid to much attachment, because sometimes these is the reason why we got crippled. 

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