Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The two finalist for American Idol sings to  three different kinds of music according to their own remake.  I wonder if Adam Lambert could be  the next  American Idol icon who will  follow the steps of David Cook and Archuleta , or will Kris Allen  a  student and a  christian worship leader  in their group will take home that title.  I still have to find out, but my vote goes to Adam.  Though Allen has shown a promising talent and great performance  and I have nothing against him , Adam caught my attention  his confidence and style made me want to vote for him.

Adam, rock! despite issue on his gender I still adore his moves when he start performing live on stage of American Idol. Another thing is that Adam spice up my mind with  his sex preference. lol!.  Allen has an edge to become the next American Idol as I can see it in his every performance,  A heartthrob too.  But whoever wins in this back to back American Idol for this year , my congratulations and support for them.

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