Monday, September 28, 2015


Good Morning, Sunshine! After extended long weekend, now it is time to work back. My body do not want to woke up early so my alarm clock was dismissed when it sounds on its alarmed time. But I need to work to pay my bills and for my baby of course. Also, since I have transferred to other department but still under the same section, I am yet to familiarize myself of the challenges in my new work assignment. 

A quick look back at what had transpired during the long weekend. Friday was not as lazy butt for me as I planned, I was tired come afternoon as I need to visit some malls to look for a suit for Trent's christening. I was not successful in buying one that day, so come Saturday I continue my search and thank God I found a white Barong for my baby. 

Yesterday, I was not able to report to work, as I needed to attend my baby personally. If I have a chance to take care my baby personally I make it a point to make use that opportunity. Going back to work, I was checking my mails to see if there is any instruction from my new boss, but found none. So I might check my previous work last week and see if I have not miss out anything before sending over.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Good Morning, Sunshine! It was almost a year now since my last entry here. So many has change and lots of catching up I believe.I miss blogging, I miss those updates from my blogger friend, which I plan to update soon when I visit their pages. My blog was neglected and badly I got my domain expired, I tried to retrieve it but I guess my effort was not enough. Life goes on with me though at the back of my mind I wanted to retract my domain as I have kept that for four years. I got bored searching on how to own back my domain but again I guess I was not focus and so my domain has been re directed to some hosting site that sells me my domain for a thousand dollar, what a joke. So after reflecting for how many months, I decided to let go of it and just have a new domain instead. And so from my old domain I just wanna live , now blissfull earthling has evolved.

Anyway, as the saying goes "When one door close another opens"  and so indeed. A month my domain has expired, I found out I was pregnant for 8 weeks, but that happiness turned to crying after a week when my ob gyne told me that my little one has no more heartbeat. I was heartbroken during that time that I spare myself from any social events. I am better off alone and home, reading and watching and sleeping.  A month after my personal preference of being alone. I learn to move on and started going out again with the help of loved ones.

Second month after my miscarriage, good news came, I am carrying a baby. God is undoubtedly true and good. Because I had lost my first little one, I look after my activities and food intake. And to past forward, Last April, A healthy baby boy was born. He just turned five months today, what could I ask more? Lucas has given me so much joy and full of love to give. It make me excited to go home everyday to see new set of movements he learned everyday. From thumb sucking to rolling on his tummy to reaching out and guiding his rattle toy to his mouth while giggling.(happy mama)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Lucky day, my laziness is not yet striking me today.Since my work leave started I kept myself in my room and would just go out to feed my tummy or go out to buy grocery to continue my stay at home without bothering going outside. 

What am I been up to lately? none at all just taking time to rest and recuperate from operation. Though my body wanted out and exploring and working, I must rest as advice. And then I remember I had a blog so I might start making myself productive instead of drowning myself to boredom. But seems like my mind is not yet in condition to do some talking. Anyway, my vacation is long so I was planning to travel and be connected to nature where I believe could refresh me and put me back in my system. 

Oh, I had nothing much in me today really, just this that It made me recall when was the last time I took off the cobwebs on the ceiling. My why am I stressing things over nothing so pathetic,if only I listen to what my doctor told me to do, I won't be dealing with boredom right now. pardon me of my nonsense ranting here. 
Happy day everyone!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Early this morning I woke up feeling the cold entering from the window of my room and the blowing of fan, so I turn off the fan and return to sleep. What really is the weather today? I was asking myself as I was outside this morning and I do not see the sun.I took my umbrella for it seemed like the rain would pour out in no time. Lunch time, the sun was a bit shy weather was cloudy. We went outside our building but few blocks away to where we are heading the rain started falling. After a minute it stops and after and hour the sun was shining high. Well, mood swing is hitting our weather, maybe shes not in the mood and could not decide whether or not.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Two weeks from now my good old friend will celebrate the important day of her life. She will be wed from his old time partner. We are happy for here for after all the pains and struggle these couple went through, their love for each other find each way to heal those hurts and pursue to be one in the matrimony of marriage. Now the couple is busy preparing for the wedding, last Saturday we meet them to help in few things, we took them to affordable tarp store that has big sign that says print a banner here. to check other design they may like for their welcome presentation of the venue.


Last night, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak informed the public of the latest update they received according to the new data from the UK Satellite, Immarsat. But before the press conference, the Malaysian airline informed the families of boarded in flight MH370.  In the statement of Najib, flight MH370 ended in the south Indian Ocean and in that remote location, landing is far feasible. 

I was watching the news and while the prime Minister was relying the new found information about the mystery of flight MH370, I do hope that there still survived and is just waiting to be rescued. It is also good to know that technology has been a great companion in such time of locating the missing flight. While there has been so many speculation about MH370, may our prayers be heard and miracle works if Gods will.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


A good friend of mine who plays well guitar loves to have a different kind of acoustic and electric guitar. Last week, we watched a free concert near our workplace. After the concert he asks me to accompanied him to visit a near musical shops , he bought a new string for his guitar. While I scan those gibson hardshell case . According to him, that kind of case is a good investment for a very good guitar. Now I understand, why almost all stringed guitars in our worship hall before was enclosed in those kind of case.